Team Senegal (Da African Village Senegal)

Mrs. Aicha Mbaye Niang, Responsible for Education “Da African Village Senegal”

My extensive educational background have made me a woman of great stature. I have previously ventured across the Atlantic in search of professional experience and was able to learn about various cultures. These experiences have allowed me to be in charge of several structures. I can mention projects such as “X Com” or FESMAN and so on. I’m a great listener and I’m also very detail-oriented. These are major assets that I bring to our NGO “Da African Village”.

El Houssein CAMARA, Head of Communications of “Da African Village Senegal”
I am a student at the Department of Geography at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar and I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s of “Human Option”. I always liked computers since the age of 12 years-old. In 2012, I opened a small business that operates in computer science, computer graphics, printing and screen-printing. Being a member of “Da African village” is a new challenge that allows me  to participate in improving the conditions of life and studies for the African impoverished youth.

Eric Coly. Responsible for Health for “Da African Village Senegal”

I’ve been working in the Health sector for a decade. I’ve worked for great health infrastructures such as  “Pfizer” as well as major laboratories. I’ve participated in numerous seminars in Senegal and abroad. Managing people and campaigning for health and social improvement strengths which I will be honored to contribute to our organization.”

Mbosse Badiane, Physician Assistant of “ Da African Village Senegal”
I hold a Diploma in Teaching Ombudsman from an Applied Economics School (ESEA ex. ENEA). I also hold a diploma in Local Development and Social Engineering from the University Alioune Diop Bambey. My four years of experience have been of paramount importance, as I have worked in the following areas: Support for community-based organizations, community mobilization, animation programs and projects, development plans, monitoring. I am very dynamic, punctual, committed, honest and I possess a great sense of leadership. I am committed to working with our  NGO “DA African Village” to  apply  my theoretical experience.

Mohameth Moctar Sylla, Administrative Secretary of “Da African Village Senegal”

I hold a license in International Business from the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, as well as Master degrees in Marketing Sales Management from the Agadir ISIAM in Morocco and the Lorraine International University in France. For over 5 years, I have accumulated experience in various administrative and technical sales, as well as managing and training teams and also volunteering. During my free time, I devote myself to coaching, cycling or swimming, major events. I would like to add that I have great interpersonal skills, dynamism, professionalism, reliability and rigor. My devotion to “Da African Village” is boundless and I’m very much inspired by the likes of Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela.


Ndeye Fatou Ndiaye, Administrative Secretary-Assistant of “Da African Village Senegal”

I’m currently pursuing degrees in English, Law and Accounting at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop in Senegal. I’m enthusiastic about my role with “Da African Village” as well as future contribution. I believe it’s a great initiative and will enhance cultural, educational and social exchanges.


Moussa Ka, Treasurer of “Da African Village Senegal”

I have master degrees in International Marketing Management from the Polytechnical School of Dakar and the university of Lille in France. I have extensive experience in coordinating, planning, executing and evaluating various business-related activities. I also have experience writing reports which make me polyvalent and a multi-tasker. My mission with our NGO will consist of not only managing our financial affairs but also motivating our team so that we can better achieve our goals.

yacine kamara

 Yacine Kamara, Assistant Treasurer of “ Da African Village Senegal”
 I hold Master degrees in Business Management and  International Business Management. In my previous professional experience, I was able to improve in
administrative tasks, accounting and business. I am enthusiastic about my role as I am aware that our staff will contribute to a positive image of the NGO “Da African Village. I’m looking forward to improving my skills and give our organization the support that it expects.


Abdul Ahad Lo, Project Manager of “Da African Village Senegal”

Being the General Manager of Group Teranga Rewmi whose main activities are: Business Management, Marketing and Project Management. I am honored in providing all of my professional experiences to the NGO “Da African Village.” Serious, rigorous, dynamic and enterprising are the adjectives that make me a man of great stature.

Mamadou Ndiaye, Coordinator of “Da AFrican Village Senegal”

I’m a Program Coordinator and a Partnership consultant at the “Teranga Rewmi” group. I have experience interacting with members of various cultural, social and educational organizations. I value the concept of “Da African Village”  which promotes African culture, education, solidarity and cultural exchange between Africa and the United States. This structure plays a key role in uniting people by organizing cultural events in Africa and in the USA.




Ousmane Mbaye, Deputy Coordinator of  “Da African Village Senegal”
I have more than 30 years of experience. I have founded several religious, cultural and social organizations in Italy. I also started a 23 year-old school in Senegal. My social commitment is limitless and it is in this same vein that I would like to bring to our NGO all of my knowledge.