Youth Development Drum Program

Youth Outreach


In lieu of recent budget cuts in education, institutions are now limited in challenging the minds of children, with little-to-no resources to implement programs of enrichment, i.e. cultural arts and music; programs that have been proven to impact and even enhance a child’s social and educational development. Da’African Village™ is a small but mighty group attempting to provide a focal point for individuals and others who are committed to the health and well-being of the “family-unit”.

The building block to developing all bridges of togetherness is cultural awareness through education; and to nurture progressive thinking, education must start early! In this way, Da’African Village™ is very excited to offer an array of culturally and historically significant classes intended to give children and adults alike a deeper meaning behind African drums and culture.


Da’African Village™ offers a K-12 curriculum integrated youth leadership program that will provide young people with an opportunity to build self-esteem and self-confidence by learning, West African traditional drumming. By studying the cultural and historical significance of drumming, children will discover the rewards of discipline, teamwork, creativity, responsibility, and self-respect. These elements are the foundations out of which come respect for others, leadership, and ultimately, positive contributions to the world.
Our youth development program is a four (4) month program to be instructed by renowned Sabar and djembe master drummers from Senegal, West Africa. Classes occur two (2) times per week at your designated school site for 1-hour during the class session. At the end of the programs, students will be required to perform before the student body at winter break and matriculation. The 1st-semester program starts September 10, 2016 (payments are due August 20th)

1st-semester program starts September 10, 2016 (payments are due August 20th)
2nd-semester program starts February 4, 2016 (payments due January 18th)


This is what it would take to bring Da’ African Village Drumming and dance experience to your community:

#1.  Instruction
The rate for the instructor to facilitate African Djembe Drumming class is $75.00 per 60-minute session – which includes 50-minute class plus 5 minutes to prep and load in plus 5 minutes to load out.

The rate of instruction for Dance would be an additional $100.00 per hour. Classes  can be held once or twice a week in the afternoons, beginning September 2014. The Community agrees to provide  space, ie a room and 22 chairs placed in a circle for class and a separate room should you choose to have dance class as well. Please let us know what works for you.

#2. Class Size

Class size should be approximately but no more than 20 students.

a. this makes for a more productive learning environment.

b. This will also limit the amount of fiscal responsibility for the school, students, parents and or Community Organization in terms of the number of drums purchased and/or rented for the class.


This cultural exchange to Senegal and Gambia in West Africa includes the following:
*Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles to Senegal – 2-week stay in west Africa
Accommodations in a large house/lodge (all participants will stay in the same location)
9 days in Senegal and 5 days in Gambia
Some meals will be provided
Educational tours for the students
Cultural tours for the adults
Classes with a Master Drummer and/or African Dancer
Students have the option to truly immerse themselves in the local culture if  they choose to go on a homestay for 2 nights and 3 days with a traditional Senegalese family in a program called “Meet your New Family. (The family speaks their native language called Wolof and some English, students will learn some Wolof and teach some English)
– The trip culminates in a final performance on the beach in front of a traditional Fire Pit and Drum circle for the students with natives from da African Village
– Option to buy traditional clothes to perform in
– All students will receive a certificate of completion
– Departure Date: TBD (Length of trip is 14 days)
1 adult to accompany every 3 students this can be a combination of parents,  teachers, administrators, and chaperones.
Cost: $4,500 per person
(This can be reduced to $4,000 per person w/10 participants)
Deposit: $400 due 60 days before departure.
Number of students: Up to 10  students with 3-4 adult chaperones