Elderly Drum Program

As you may already know, the health benefits of art and music therapy in aging and elderly

patients is an increasingly popular topic. The use of artistic therapy to activate and exercise the

creative processes in aging seniors have been proven to help with cases of dementia,

improvements in mood and emotional states, while helping to alleviate and manage pain and

discomfort as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation. All factors support a reduction in anxiety

and stress, allowing space for increased social interaction between caregivers, families, and all


Da African Village is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to fostering cultural exchange and

community development through West African arts and culture. We’ve created a one­of­a­kind

music and movement therapy program designed for seniors, and we’d like to share our pilot

program with you!

Da African Village specializes in simple drum, light dance, and basic song instruction +

workshops derived from West Africa and designed for seniors. Our Senior Care Program

integrates unique and ancient sonic resonance, much different from commonly used mediums

of music therapy. The program is a dynamic multi­sensory and stimulating experience:

Audial ­ The drum beat is similar to a heart beat, and can be felt in the body.

Physical ­ Patients embody the music and rhythm with modest dance movements.

Visual ­ Instructors wear traditional, brightly colored and patterned African clothes.

Verbal ­ Patients sing songs and rhythms, making sounds similar to the drums.

Attached is our program price sheet. To speak with a member of Da African Village, or for

booking arrangements, please contact our program director, Abagail Fritz,

abagail@daafricanvillage.org / (510)908­0926

Thank you, and we hope to introduce the many healing benefits of West African traditional

music and movement to your center!



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Mara Diakhate

Director, Da African Village