The Las Vegas Village

“A people without the knowledge of their past history is like a tree without roots.” 

– Marcus Garvey 

The Las Vegas Village

Meet Our Ambassadors

“Seriously, why tour the world when all you have to do is visit Las Vegas and see all the highlights in one location?” —Jeff Maguire

Mara Diakhate

CEO & Founder

Mara Diakhate is a world traveler, entrepreneur, and pan-Africanist, who serves as the CEO and Founder of Da’African Village. His mission is to share the rich culture and traditions of West Africa with the rest of the world through education and cultural programming. He is also the author of “Talking Wolof with Da’African Village” a comprehensive book that helps those traveling abroad communicate more effectively with the people of West Africa.

A. Ifayomi Stanton

Cultural Ambassador

A. Ifayomi Stanton is a 10 year committed devotee and practicing IFA and EgunGun Yoruba priestess. She is very active in the African American community and serves as a Cultural Ambassador & Event Organizer for Africa Love and Da’African Village.

A retired plant-based chef and professional African dancer, Ifayomi enjoys traveling, reading, fitness, and meeting new and exciting people.

Nicole D. Ford

Cultural Ambassador

Naturally gifted with a musical ear, Nicole has always been very passionate about the performing arts. She has studied various styles of percussion including but not limited to Brazilian, African, Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern with some of the best percussionists in Las Vegas.

In 2016, Nicole helped form an African and world culture performance group named Triba! with the intent to celebrate African and other world cultures. 

Kenneth Brown II

Cultural Ambassador/Djembefola

As a djembefola, Ken was raised in the Yoruba traditions and began drumming very early in his childhood. He is the first executive director of Ina Onilu Drum and Dance Ensemble, and is an internationally recorded artist, and performs culturally conscience hip-hop music for the purpose of teaching how culture is tied into our everyday lives. 

Diana Weeks

Cultural Ambassador

Originally from Kenya, East Africa, Diana is a mompreneur, homebirth advocate, and volunteer creative arts teacher. She enjoys homeschooling her children while running her full-time business, dbydee, where she serves as a graphic & web designer for small to mid-size businesses. In addition to making things look pretty, Diana is passionate about her homeland, her heritage and her people.