Sponsor a Child in Senegal

“I takes the whole village to raise a single child.” 

– African Proverb

Giving Back

Education and Care Sponsorship

Our sponsorship programs are run by a close-knit community of family and friends that are easy to contact if updates are required. Our programs provide assistance with school tuition and supplies, after-school tutoring and mentoring as well as transportation. 

We are committed to providing strong lines of communication with sponsors, sponsored children and our organization. 100 percent of the sponsor’s funds shall be invested in the sponsored children.

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School supplies background
School Supplies Sponsorship

This donation goes toward sponsoring school supplies for underprivileged children in Sénégal, which includes school text and exercise books, book bags, and stationary.

School Supplies: $5/Month/Child

School Uniforms: $10/Month/Child

Meals: $20/Month/Child

Education & Care Sponsorship

This donation goes toward sponsoring school supplies, books and assisting underprivileged families in Sénégal with paying for their children’s tuition.


Child Education Sponsorship

This donation goes toward assisting families of underprivileged children in Sénégal with paying for a large portion or for all of their tuition fees/costs.


Please contact us via email or phone [(424) 703-0784] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will also email you the sponsored child’s profile